Residential Furnaces
We sell, and install the best furnaces available anywhere! Whether its Luxaire, Goodman, or Carrier, we are proud of the quality, craftsmanship and efficiency of every furnace we install! We also offer 24 hour service, 365 days a year so you will never be stranded. Need Service?
Furnaces available today have made leaps and bounds in terms of safety, technology and comfort. Just a few years ago, the best furnace available was around 80% efficient; today many furnaces are at or near 98% efficient! Many people ask us to explain the efficiency rating of a furnace. We found the best way to explain it is as follows:

For every one dollar spent heating your home with an 80% efficient furnace, .80cents actually goes to heating the home; and .20cents leaves the house through the chimney. And the same goes for a higher efficiency furnace, for every one dollar spent to heat your home, .98cents heats the house and only .2cents leaves through the chimney.
How do the new furnaces achieve such a higher standard? Through a rather simple process, the new furnaces extracts as much heat as possible from the chimney air before it leaves the house. The extracted heat is then used to help warm the house. In older furnaces, this hot air from the chimney was simply wasted as it was vented outside.
Reasons to get a new furnace
  • Lower utility bills
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Government incentives (up to $1500!!)
  • Safety and peace of mind
Customers say...
"We are very satisfied with our total experience with Arctic, and we will continue to use them and suggest them to others"

St. Joseph’s Church / School Batavia, NY. 2-08

"Thanks again for all your help in getting Synergy Farms up and running! The freezer is working great, and having two access doors has been a great benefit."

Natalie Werner (immucell corporation; Farm Manager) 7-08

Arctic Refrigeration Co. of Batavia, Inc. In the News
  • Three of the top twenty farms in the Northeast are serviced by Arctic Refrigeration
  • Arctic teams up with local contractor to bring Geo-thermal to life.
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